Our Services

Kramer Oil Company, Inc. provides bulk fuel and oil delivery in the Marshall, Washington, Riley, and Clay counties.   We also have cardlock fueling facilities in the following cities:

Barnes   Linn
Beattie   Washington
Clifton   Marysville (CJ Express)


Greenleaf   Jamestown


Our Products


E10 Unleaded Gasoline
POWERMAX Premium Dyed Diesel
POWERMAX Premium Clear Diesel
Soy Bio Diesel
Aviation Gasoline
Jet A

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5W30 75W90 HD 10 Weight
10W30 80W90 HD 30 Weight
10W30 Synthetic 85W140 Solvent 142


ATF HP Grease Cartridges


Diesel Exhaust Fluid 424 Tractor Hyd Oil


Antifreeze Wax

Oil can be ordered in 55g drums, 30g drums, 5g buckets, 4 - 1g jugs, and 6 - 1qt jugs.  The list above are the primary oils we keep in stock throughout the year, but we can special order almost any type of oil.  Just stop in or call us for all of your oil needs.